"In the passed few months I’ve really thought about the idea of honesty; I’ve realized the better you get to know someone over time the better you can tell when they’re lying and As Mark Twain said, “Honesty is not having to remember what you’ve said.” When I lied to others, all it really achieved is the justification of other people lying to me. If your like me then you’ve probably lied to a girl before, and even though it helped you in the moment - you only blur the real issue because what your saying is that even in your own opinion, what you are doing is unacceptable - and how can you expect some one else to accept something that you yourself won’t stand up for and don’t believe in enough to be honest about? - It’s weak, that’s all it really isand when a foundation is built upon a weak premise it crumbles.Don’t do that. Put your heart on the line even if it hurts, because that’s where integrity comes from." - Nicholos Brajkovic